Gerilyn Burnett helps people become more fit, healthy, and vibrant in life and sport. As a speaker, active strong(wo)man competitor, and Nutrition & Strength Coach, she uses fresh insight to design customized programs that produce weight loss, strength gains, and unstoppable mental performance that lasts. Visit for your free Jump-Start Toolkit.


After losing 30 pounds, fixing her skin, and transforming her mood and energy levels with a nutrition plan that was fun, delicious, and sustainable, she became passionate about the power of nutrition to improve lives. She specializes in helping busy women who have lost control of their bodies get in shape with unconventional methods that build stronger bodies and minds in less time than they are currently spending dieting and exercising.


She also loves working with athletes to enhance performance by focusing on the mental game. As an active strong(wo)man competitor herself, she has experience cutting weight safely, training effectively to reduce injury risk, applying women-specific training & nutrition protocols, and using mindset strategies to prepare and win competitions.


Always active, Gerilyn’s ran two half-marathons and one full marathon in college. She’s coached others since 2007, while still a student at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, where she graduated with her B.A. in Psychology with a pre-med focus in 2009. After discovering CrossFit in 2008, she fell in love with lifting and experienced the power of nutrition and strength training to transform her body without the struggle of dieting and a part-time job exercising.


She started working with clients on nutrition in 2010 after discovering clients achieved their weight loss goals with nutrition, whether they exercised regularly or not, while the opposite was never true. Since then Gerilyn has helped hundreds of people improve their bodies and lives through one-on-one coaching, group coaching, and online through articles, free workouts, and resources.


Before moving to Boston in 2012, Gerilyn served as the Coordinated School Health Director in the Benton County School District in Camden, Tennessee. She secured over $240,000 in new grant funding in one year to create a Teen Nutrition Institute, walking trails, fresh fruits and vegetables, and increase exercise among faculty and students county-wide. She also published a syndicated weekly health and fitness article in 6 local newspapers across West Tennessee.


She spends her free time learning about human performance and psychology, cooking, honing her gymnastics practice, experimenting on her own performance, meditating, and exploring New England with her husband.

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