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How Chiropractic and Physical Therapy can help with Ankle Sprains
Ever wonder why and how ankle sprain happens and how to treat and prevent future injuries? Dr. Mui our chiropractor talks about the mechanisms that cause an ankle sprains! Understanding and knowing how ankle sprains happen can go a long way in future injury prevention. We feel that it is important that our patients understand the causes of certain injuries and do our best to educate patients on the causes, symptoms, and treatment options they have if they do encounter these painful conditions. We always urge patients to seek preventative measures to certain injuries such as proper lifting technique and adequate strengthening of muscles in order to tackle some of the more difficult activities our active patients choose to do.
We hope that his video helps you further understand what ankle sprains are all about and if you are experiencing such discomfort or pain please do not hesitate to contact us at or 617-340-2189. We are located in Newton MA and offer Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, and Massage in order to tackle injuries and rehabilitate them as quick as possible!
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